Our Mission is to establish self-sufficient entrepreneurs across the nation, by creating a platform that facilitates their growth and provides them with opportunities.

We know that the struggle to make money can be difficult enough. Handling and managing shouldn’t be.

We built Corpreneur for you to help better control how you manage your finances, by enabling you to efficiently, save, and invest small amounts. And if you own a small business, our aim is to eliminate the cost of bringing your business online to more customers, easily manage them and collect payment online.

Licensed as a CICS
Incorporated with the CAC
Member of the Nigeria FintechNGR

Over 10,000 people trust us to help them achieve their financial goals.

We are currently helping over 100 small businesses bring their business online and manage its customers

Our Core Values

Customer Success

We believe the customer is King and we treat them as such. We do not agree the customer is wrong until we’ve exhausted all excuses to justify ourselves.

Skin in the Game

We strongly believe that although we are putting effort to help our customers take control of their finances, they should also be ready to commit themselves.

Communication is key

Never assume the other person understands you or should know better, no one is a mind reader or however uncomfortable it makes you feel, communication is important.

Proper Accountability

Don’t blame others, instead find out why it didn’t work, then go ahead to fix it.

Customers feedback shapes our Product Development

If our customers don’t ask for it, we don’t build it and if it’s not a challenge to them, we don’t fix it.


Value simplicity and avoid complexity.


We are passionate about people, processes, teamwork, and pursue ambitious goals.