Finance just got personalized; experience the modern way of handling your funds.

Save, invest, receive money, transfer money, pay bills, and perform ATM cardless withdrawals.

  • Save

    Automate your savings and earn between 10 - 18% on your savings.

  • Invest

    Grow your money, invest in amazing investment opportunities. Enjoy up to 20% interest rate per annum.

  • Wallet

    Transfer money, receive money, pay bills at ease, and perform cardless ATM withdrawal.


Promote your business to a wide audience and grow your wealth.

  • Create an e-store.

    Create free e-commerce to showcase your product to more audience through our website.

  • Find a Product/Service

    Get amazing deals from our vendors!

  • Customer Management

    Send invoices to customers, send newsletter to inform customers of new products.

Savings Calculator

Plan Yourself!

Having clear and specific money goals is the next best thing after earning income, use our savings-calculator to plan your ways of securing the bag.

Total Savings + Interest = ₦

Safety & Security

Card Security

We work with a PCI-DSS compliant payment processor for the security of your data, therefore all card details entered on Corpreneur are protected, safe, and secured.

Website Security

Corpreneur is built with the highest level of security standards. All data are encrypted before transmission using a Secured Layer for establishing an encrypted connection.

Funds Security

All funds are trusted with a public Trustee, duly registered with the Security and Exchange Commission. They monitor and ensure that all funds are securely invested.

Why Choose Us

Zero service fee
Low-risk investment
Security of data and funds
Flexible savings plan
Competitive interest rate
Ease to use


Joshua Atte


I heard about corpreneur via my friend WhatsApp status. I have been able to save, withdraw and invest over ₦300,000 since then. My next target is 1 million Naira. Withdrawal is smooth, funds showed instant.

-Joshua A. Jr.

Adisa Lolade


Corpreneur helped me save gradually towards achieving my business vision.

-Adisa Lolade



Many ways though, I'm a disciplined person in many ways and Corpreneur has shown and is showing me my strength concerning financial pursuit discipline!

-Okoose Joshua Christopher

Dada Ayodele


Corpreneur has really helped me in achieving my target savings per month which was not possible with banks

-Dada Ayodele M


@ _t.i.m.ii

This is the best app I have ever saved with because they have disciplined me not to touch the money until the agreed date and i don’t have to start panicking when my birthday is around the corner

-Falebita Timilehin


@ hobgunnerz

Basically, Corpreneur has helped me cultivate more of my savings culture so as to reach my said target.

-Busari Hakeem Olajide


@ ntreprenneoma/blark_thick

I can't access my funds no matter what but that's the best kind of discipline

-Ekwegh Nneoma Thelma

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